A complete digital innovation toolkit for telcos

Supercharge your digital innovation, increase subscriber lifetime value and reduce churn.

Direct carrier billing (DCB) platform

One integration enables payments for hundreds of leading digital services to your subscribers.

Hundreds of leading digital merchants use our direct carrier billing platform. One integration means earning revenue from our entire merchant portfolio.

  • Modern API with support for dynamic pricing & two-step charging
  • One integration gives immediate access to hundreds of digital merchants
  • Merchant onboarding, compliance and support handled by Fortumo

App store billing

Launching Google Play is as simple as launching any other merchant.

We launch app store billing without any modification to your existing infrastructure. Less time spent on development, faster access to a new revenue stream.

  • One integration for both digital merchants and app stores
  • Global experience with dozens of app store deployments
  • Pure revenue share logic, no increase in CAPEX/OPEX
White paper: how to get a sweet deal out of Google Play?
White paper: how to get a sweet deal out of Google Play?

Mattias Liivak | Head of Marketing & PR

Trident: the open bundling platform

Full-stack solution for managing bundle partnerships with many service providers.

Fortumo's bundling platform brings new growth opportunities to your bundling activities. Our bundling platform has integrations to dozens of leading digital merchants. Launch bundle deals, grow your customer loyalty.

  • Hard (postpaid accounts) and soft (prepaid SIMs) bundles
  • Advanced marketing segmentation through broad bundle pipeline
  • Reduced churn from active upselling of bundle offers
  • Increase in mobile data usage and carrier billing revenue
White paper: Carrier bundling for user acquisition and marketing
White paper: Carrier bundling for user acquisition and marketing

Andrea Boetti | Director of Strategic Partnerships

Risk scoring engine

We solve the challenge of prepaid customers.

Low account balance limits prepaid subscriber spending. Our risk scoring engine evaluates and delivers credit to eligible subscribers. This way, they can continue purchasing services.

  • Automated scoring & crediting based on payment behaviour
  • Subscribers can loan for both telco and OTT service spending
  • Support for all merchants connected through our DCB platform

Local merchant hub

Central hub for automated on-boarding of local merchants to telco platforms.

Dealing with small merchants in your home market directly is usually not worth the hassle: contract negotiations and separate integrations with each of them do not justify the time that goes into onboarding them. Fortumo's Local Merchant Hub gives these merchants a self-service platform for DCB so revenue from them is not lost.

  • Fortumo handles launches, no time investment needed by telco
  • Any merchant can launch in 1-2 weeks with Fortumo's turnkey products
  • Comprehensive merchant onboarding and integration support

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Taavi Krusell

Taavi Krusell

VP of Telco Partnerships
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Sanjay Sinha

Vp Of Bd, India
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Man Pham

Director of Telco Partnerships & BD, SEA
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Steven Eric Frank

Director of Telco Partnerships & BD, SEA