Mobile Payments for Windows Phone & Windows 8

In-app purchasing for smartphone, tablet & PC apps

Hundreds of top apps Fortumo In-App Payment SDK

48 more countries and 250 additional mobile operators on top of Microsoft's carrier billing.

Only mobile operators billing solution for Windows 8 store: 81 countries and over 300 mobile operators.

80% of people can not make payments to you in emerging markets - they do not have a credit card. Microsoft has resolved this by adding carrier billing for Windows Phone, covering 33 countries & 52 operators.

Fortumo increases this coverage so you can reach 48 additional countries & 250 mobile operators. Using Fortumo alongside Microsoft billing guarantees that 91% of phone owners in 81 markets can make payments to you: with credit cards if they have one, with Microsoft carrier billing when they don't and with Fortumo where Microsoft does not provide coverage.

”Fortumo is one of the highest flying birds in payments, because they've really nailed the user experience.” Peter Vesterbacka, Rovio

“Through partnership with Fortumo, there are more opportunities for developers to monetize users in emerging markets.” John Richards, Microsoft

Global Coverage

You can accept payments from 90 countries & 300+ mobile operators in over 45 currencies. Fortumo takes care of localization, compliance and tax management - so you won't have to.

No Setup Fees, No Monthly Fees

And no minimum volume commitments. Just a simple % per each transaction. We only make money when you are making money!

Self Service Setup, Live in Minutes

One quick integration & start getting revenue from 90 countries the next day.

Fully Localized

… in 32 languages means improved conversion rates anywhere where English is not the first language.

Why should I use mobile operator billing?

There are 5 times more mobile phones in the world compared to credit cards. In emerging markets, less than 20% of the people have a credit card - this also means 80% of your app users are currently not able to make payments to you. Fortumo enables any phone owner to make payments by charging the purchases to their phone bill. Combining Fortumo operator billing with official Windows store in-app billing guarantees that anyone who wants to make payments to you is able to do so.

Are Fortumo payments allowed in Windows Phone Store and Windows Store?

Yes! Fortumo payments can be used in both Windows Phone Store for Windows devices and Windows Store for Windows 8 & Windows RT devices. The same SDK works for apps in both stores. Fortumo is an official payment partner on Windows Phone and the only mobile operator billing provider on Windows 8. Click here to read more about 3rd party payments on Microsoft platforms. Please note that you need to have a Business Account for Windows Store and Windows Phone Store in order to use the Fortumo In-App Purchasing SDK.

Is there a 70/30 revenue-sharing or does it differ by country?

Payouts for mobile payments are set by mobile operators and they differ by country . They range from >85% of the price in countries with payment-friendly mobile operators to <50% in emerging markets, where it's harder from mobile operators to collect money from users. See full list at Countries page.

Which countries are supported?

Fortumo has a global coverage by supporting over 300 mobile operators in 90 countries. In most countries, we support all mobile operators. Even prepaid users can pay. See full list at Coverage & Payouts page.

Are there any setup of monthly fees?

No. Fortumo charges no fixed fees. There are no minimum monthly volume commitments either. Fortumo's commission is entirely made up by a small percentage added on top of the mobile operator's share.

How long does integration take?

Integrating Fortumo for Windows Phone or Windows 8 apps is very simple - one payment service and SDK can be used for both platforms and integration should take no longer than a few hours to complete. You can read a full overview of the integration process here and if you need help with integration, get in touch with us at

Do you support subscription payments on Windows Phone and Windows 8?

Subscriptions with Fortumo mobile payments can be used on Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps. If you have published at least a couple of apps and/or are already using the subscription model, click here to get more info on subscriptions with Fortumo.

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